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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 23, 2011 4:00am-4:25am EDT

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making news this morning, stock market melt down. >> wall street's faceplant, taking other nations with it this morning. heightening fears of a second recession. as the presidential hopeful bash each other in a testy debate. eyes on the sky. with hours before that huge satellite plummets to earth, we'll have the latest track. and family ties. a candid conversation about life in the clinton house. good morning, everyone. i'm linsey davis. >> and i'm rob nelson. expect more unease on wall street today, after a two-day
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plunge that has wiped out all the gains made in the past year. >> yesterday, the dow fell 391 points and closed at its lowest point of the year. overall, stocks lost 3% in the u.s. yesterday. and 5% in europe and hong kong. >> there will be talk today about whether the u.s. is entering a second recession. or if we've entered a long period of stagnation like we had in the '70s. we'll have expert analysis coming up later today on "good morning america." the economy was center stage in the latest clash of the republican presidential candidates. rick perry and mitt romney, again bash each other over a range of issues. >> but there was a new name on the stage last night. scott goldberg is in washington with all the highlights. hey there, scott. >> reporter: good morning, rob and linsey. as rick perry said, the debate was a game of badminton, as he and mitt romney traded volleys. the debate picked up where the last one left off, with the economy, and social security.
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a plan that mitt romney says he wants to preserve and rick perry wants to turn over to the states. >> it's not the first time that mitt's been wrong on some issues before. and the bottom line is, we never said we were going to move this back to the states. what we said was, we should have one of the options, the state employees, and state retirees, being able to go off the current system. >> reporter: the exchange between the two front-runners was typical. >> it's different than what the governor put in his book. there is a rick perry that is saying, almost quote, that the federal government shouldn't be in the pension business. that it's unconstitutional. unconstitutional. an it should be returned to the state. so, you better find that rick perry and get him to stop saying that. >> reporter: there were seven other candidates on the stage. but for the most part, on the sidelines. >> the two guys standing in the middle here, romney and perry, aren't going to be around because they're going to bludgeon each other to death. >> reporter: the audience was
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loud. booing a gay soldier who asked about the end of don't ask, don't tell. and voicing thunderous approval when former new mexico governor, gary johnson, talked about the economy. >> my next door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration. >> reporter: in the end, that line from the newcomer might have won the night. as for a winning candidate, the consensus seems to be that no one delivered a knockout punch. and no one made a fatal mistake. rob and linsey? >> thanks, scott. as the republicans prepared for their debate, president obama was focusing on his jobs bill. mr. obama stood in the shadow of an aging bridge that connects ohio and kentucky. those are the home states of john boehner and mitch mcconnell. the president said passing his bill would degree kuwait jobs and fix that bridge.
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mahmoud ahmadinejad says there is time for the u.s. and iran to repair their relationship. it came just hours after ahmadinejad attacked the u.s. as greedy and arrogant. prompting the u.s. delegation and others to walk out during the u.n. general assembly. ahmadinejad told the world press that the world trade center was brought down by explosive, not the jetliners. and pakistan is firing back this morning after being accused by the u.s. of supporting extremi extremists. the pakistani administrator said the u.s. cannot risk losing pakistan as an ally. chief of staff mike mullen said that pakistan's spy agency was directly aiding a terror group responsible for bombing american forces in afghanistan. it looks like that space junk will fall to earth later this afternoon or later tonight. but scientists are still trying to pinpoint exactly where the satellite pieces will come down. it likely, though, will not be
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in north america. abc's neal karlinsky is at command central. >> reporter: the satellite is burning through its final hours of life at 1,800 miles per hour. these are pictures of it tumbling blue space, taken through a telescope. the estimates of where it will go are far from exact. nasa says it won't hit the u.s. but tonight, these spaghetti models of its track, put out by the air force, show at least a possibility that america could get hit. >> we believe that the risk is sufficiently low. that no one needs to change their behaviors. >> reporter: only 26 chunks will survive. but they won't come in like missiles. each piece will drop straight down at hundreds of miles per hour from the point it breaks the atmosphere. all-told over an area of some 500 miles. standing right under it, an unlucky person, 1 in 3,200, someone will get hit, likely
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wouldn't have time to see it coming. though, there have been cases where people have heard space junk whirling through the air. these chunks of satellite landed in a village in thailand and a farm in mongolia. frightening examples of what could be coming down. is there concern that someone will get hurt one of these days? >> sure. that is a concern. >> reporter: amazingly, if a piece like this happens to go through your house, insurance will likely take care of it. we found this in a standard homeowners policy, paj of falling objects, including self-propelled missiles and spacecraft, all covered. here's the strange part, they lose track of the satellite once it enters the atmosphere. unless someone sees where it's coming in, they may not know where it landed. >> get out your hard hat this weekend. take a look, now, at your morning weather from around the country. a washout for much of the east coast, as the first day of fall,
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believe it or not, gets under way today. heavy rain and flooding in new england, new york, d.c. and the carolinas. showers along the gulf coast, from tallahassee to new orleans. and some light rain along the rio grande in south texas and around the great lakes. >> mostly 60s from fargo to minneapolis and detroit. 75 degrees here in new york. 90 in miami. and 80s from atlanta to dallas. phoenix hits 103 degrees. sacramento, 94. and boise, 89. coming up after the break, overseas investors reacting to this week's rollercoaster on wall street. we'll check the latest numbers. then, the all-out search for the person who did this. the bomb tearing apart the car of a michigan man. hear his call to 911. also some incredible new pictures from nasa this morning. we'll explain what it is, when we come back.
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and returning to our top story this morning. another nervous day ahead for investors and traders after the dow took a major dive yesterday. officially wiping out the gains made over the past year. a staggering fact there. on top of that, tokyo's nikkei average was closed today. but other markets are falling. hong kong's hang seng, down 333 points. in london, the ftse opened sharply lower. on wall street, the dow plunged almost 400 points yesterday. meanwhile, the nasdaq index fell 82 1/2. mortgage interest rates are near record lows. the average now is 4.09 for a
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30-year fixed rate loan. rates have been below 5% for all but two weeks this year. it's a great time to refinance. but the federal reserve says more than 2 million homeowners could not refinance last year because they did not meet the new, stricter criteria. also, the price of gold down this morning, as well. a loss more than $66 yesterday to close at just over $1,740 an ounce. prices are continuing to fall this morning. one month ago, keep in mind, gold hit a record of just under $1,900 an ounce. more changes are coming to facebook. at a conference yesterday, founder mark zuckerberg described new ways to listen to music and tv with their friends. another feature called timeline gives you more control over the profile. zuckerberg described it like this. >> timeline is the story of your life. and it has three pieces. all your stories, all your apps,
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in and a new way to express who you are. >> users can post content to their timelines. it will replace current profile pages. and can go back to before facebook existed. andy sandberg, impersonating zuckerberg, introduced the slowpoke button. >> too much too soon. chill out for a minute. all right. coming up next on this friday, chelsea clinton's increasingly more public profile. even poking fun at her mom and dad. and the news nba fans did not want to hear. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's always having a reason, from the smallest details to the big decisions. and putting everything through everything
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and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. you're looking at a spectacular view of the southern lights, taken from the
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international space station. it's an aura created by charged particles and high atmosphere. it was created, when the atmosphere moves over the indian ocean. now, for a look at road conditions. flooding on parts of i-95, from maine to the carolinas. i-90, from boston to cleveland. and i-70, across pennsylvania. wet on i-10, from jacksonville to new orleans. >> and if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in atlanta, charlotte, d.c., philly, new york, boston and detroit. and we have an update, now, on the shocking car bombing in michigan. >> atf agents have joined investigators in trying to figure out who planted the bomb. a lawyer was driving his two sons to football practice when there was a sudden explosion, in the middle of traffic. here's the frantic dad's call to 911. >> i've got two significant leg
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injuries that are chewed up pretty good. okay? >> okay. >> deep tissue wounds. they're bleeding. i need someone here now. >> the wife and mother of the family says all victims are doing well and expected to recover fully. criminal charges may be filed seming from theed is of a gay new york teenager who endured months of bullying. new york state does not have an anti-bullying law. but those who tormented 14-year-old jamey rodemeyer may face harassment charges. the ninth grader posted a message to the it gets better campaign, just four months before he took his own life. jaycee dugard is suing the federal government. she said mistakes by federal parole officers allowed phillip garrido to hold her captive for 18 years. he was on parole when he kidnapped dugard in 1991. she and her daughters have received a $21 million settlement from the state of california for its failings. and an update on that san
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francisco giants fan who was beaten outside of l.a.'s dodger stadium on opening day. bryan stow's family says he's speaking to them for the first time. he's asking to see his kids. stow is able to move his arms. and when they asked him, he recited his birthday. two suspects have pleaded not guilty in the case. it is all-but certain the nba will cancel team training camps today, as owners and players remain at odds. camps were expected to open in just a week. but with no progress being made on the new labor agreement, that's likely not going to happen. some exhibition games are also expected to be canceled today. regular season games are set to begin november 1st. as for sports that are actually being played, here's some highlights from espn news. >> good morning. interesting race right now in the american league wild card, as the boston red sox have been suffering through just a dreadful month. in the meantime, the rays have been making hay. evan longoria and company, doing their thing against the yankees
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on thursday. rays up 4-0. longoria liner to right. b.j. upton scores. rays up 5-0. top of the third, ben zobrist, a two-run homer off of bartolo colon. rays up 7-0. top of the fourth, johnny damon. off of scott proctor. damon's 15th homer of the year. rays go on to win it 15-8. to football, bethune cook facing hampton. the pass intercepted by jeremy german, returning it 20 yards for the touchdown. and hampton is up 31-28. later in the fourth, wilson. rolling left. completes the pass to eddie poole. got it off just in time. and poole with just enough real estate. 13-yard touchdown. four seconds left.
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david legree. isiah thomas, ruled a touchdown. the play was reviewed. thomas appears to have not maintained possession of the ball. heartbreak of them. pass ruled incomplete, as bethune-cookman wins it. 35-31, the final. for all your highlights, join us on "the highlight express," on espn news. it was a family affair in the closing moments of former president bill clinton's initiative in new york. >> hillary clinton was interviewed by her daughter, chelsea. >> as your daughter, i remember when i helped you send your first text message. >> yes. that wasn't very long ago. i have to tell you. both bill and i. if you don't tell anybody, we'll tell you, we are primitive. >> my father refers to the internet as the worldwide web. thank you, mom. i'm once again grateful that you are my mom and my secretary of state. >> thank you. >> thanks, everyone.
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>> you can see why i don't win many arguments at home. >> we've seen chelsea grow up. it's amazing. wow. coming up next after the break, keeping an eye on the sky. we'll update one of the morning's big stories. where is that crippled satellite going to fall? living with diabetes is a reality for me, but i learned that i don't have to use a vial and syringe as part of my daily routine anymore. my doctor showed me the novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is discreet and comes pre-filled with my insulin. flexpen goes with me and doesn't need refrigeration. and it's covered by most insurance. if you're still using a vial and syringe, ask your healthcare provider about the benefits of flexpen. flexpen is a discreet, pre-filled, dial-a-dose insulin pen. you can dial the exact dose of insulin you need. and inject insulin by pressing a button. novolog mix 70/30 is an insulin used to control high blood sugar
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and now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this friday. wall street is coming off its worst two days since 2008. and many stocks yesterday hit their lowest levels of the year. some analysts say that may make this a good time to buy. fresh from last night's debate, most of the republican presidential candidates contiat. analysts say it was not a good debate for front-runner rick perry. but mitt romney didn't do so well, either. in other news this morning, palestinian president mahmoud abbas is hoping to inch closer to statehood recognition from the united nations. that's despite the u.s. push, though, to reseem peace talks first. about plans to submit his request for a full u.n. membership today, just before addressing the secretary-general assembly. closing arguments are expected today in the case of amanda knox. she is hoping to have the murder conviction for the bedeath of a
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rum mate overturned. a verdict is expected early next month. scientists continue to track that dead satellite expected to fall to earth some time this afternoon or evening. the latest calculations indicate, though, that it will not be over the u.s., over canada or mexico, during that time. and stay it ain't so. summer is officially behind us. fall begins this morning. and in mexico, they marked the beginning of the autumn equinox. tourists and locals descended on the mayan ruins, where the sun comes straight through the main gate of a 1,500-year-old temple. >> it's fall over there. cold weather, back to coats and scarves. >> areas that have suffered from the flooding so long. ever since irene. again. >> again, a wet day in the northeast to kick off the first weekend of fall. we'll have an eye on that, too, throughout the morning. also, coming up later, "good morning america," the story is that sparking outrage around the world. kiddie cage matches.
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it's all perfectly legal. some parents even encourage it. detats coming up. >>


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